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don’t say nice things to me or i get flustered and start crying

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Just The Design By David Watson Architect
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this was probably a first in beyonces whole life

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The Zachary House | Stephen Atkinson

In Ramseur, North Carolina, a reincarnation of a modernist dog-trot house. The original was designed by Stephen Atkinson more than a decade ago and became a darling of design magazines. This one was built by Terrie Moffitt and Avshalom Caspi, psychology professors at Duke University, who saw the house on the cover of a book, and wrote to Mr. Atkinson. He made a bargain with them: they could have the plans free, but if they made substantial changes, he would charge them.

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Thick everything. Thick thighs, thick eyebrows, thick lips. Thick maple syrup on my pancakes, thick everything.

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Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely loved nature and animals.

This man was beyond real

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People joked about my “depressive image” for a long time, especially in middle school.

"Wow, she’s so emo."
“It’s like she does it for the attention.”
“She doesn’t even talk to anyone.”
“She’s so antisocial, it’s creepy.”

Then high school happened, & then this happened.
“She’s so depressing”
“Casey kills everything for me because of the way she is.”
“It’s like flowers die when she’s around.”

I used to laugh about it too. Like,
“Wow, I can’t believe I did that.”
“Way to throw myself a pity party.”
“Thank God I’m better now.”
“Why did I even act like that?”

Until it didn’t go away.
How many times (though I do regret to mention) have I written, dated, & signed a suicide note?
How many times have I been called to my high school’s office because I seemed “unstable” during free writing assignments in English?
How I felt fine until I was alone?
How happy I was with my life until something minuscule discouraged me?
How guilty I started to feel in the company of my friends because I knew how big they could made me smile but at the same time I still felt so empty?

Not until recently did I realize how good I was hiding it.
This is getting difficult.
I try to balance everything in my life so I can enjoy my future but now I suddenly realize how hard it is to help myself.

How I’m fine when I’m with my family & friends, but how quickly everything changes when I experience things so small like minor setbacks, things I thought should easily overcome, & small disputes that mean nothing that end up erupting into something unbearable in my mind.

I always thought I was a strong person, but I see how often I tear myself apart from the inside out without telling anyone in hopes that they won’t notice or ask because I just don’t want to talk about it.

The worst part is that I fear for my family & friends for the simple fact that that they’ll blame themselves for not being able to see it, not being able to help me, not being able to fix it.

It isn’t even that.
I just feel, regardless of how blessed I am for such a beautiful life with so many beautiful people.
I just can’t stop the hurt sometimes, as much as I try to hold it back.

I thought this was a phase, but it just doesn’t go away.

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charmanda bynes

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charmanda bynes
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when will my master return from the supermarket

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when will my master return from the supermarket

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We have to teach our boys the rules of equality and respect, so that as they grow up, gender equality becomes a natural way of life. And we have to teach our girls that they can reach as high as humanly possible.  -Beyonce

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